Friday, June 20, 2008

Press Unhappy With Obama

The Press itself has told us repeatedly how nice it is working for John McCain and I've heard enough times about the Straight Talk Express driven by "call sign" Maverick McCain and the flips and flops of Mr Third Term reported uncritically even when the flip is only a week old to want to puke. It seems the press isn't nearly as happy with Sen Obama, as expressed in a letter sent to the campaign.
...When the campaign plane took off without the candidate, there were loud protests from the press corps because we were not given the option of staying in Washington. We do not commit to fly on charters to fly with press aides; we make that commitment to fly with the candidate. Each of our organizations is reviewing whether we will reimburse the campaign for last night's flight.

The decision to mislead reporters is a troubling one. We hope this does not presage a relationship with the Obama campaign that is not based on a mutual respect for the truth. Our joint mission is to cover the candidate on behalf of our millions of worldwide viewers and readers. Those individuals expect truthful and fair coverage from us.

Actually folks what Sen Clinton and Sen Obama had to say to each other was private business and were it possible to have conducted it in such a manner without sending you to Chicago, I'm sure they would have done so. But you don't work that way, despite the blanket immunity you gave GWB you act as thought the Obamas hold the keys to understanding the universe and are holding out on you. You appear to have decided that the Obama campaign is a swindle and the McCain campaign is the real deal. You continue to call the Bait and Switch Express by that misnomer Straight Talk in the face of clear evidence to the contrary, sometimes days old evidence. Now perhaps you find it expected behavior that McCain is an outright liar and discount the newsflash element of McCain lying, but the lie itself is still newsworthy.

Further, on the matter of "truthful and fair coverage" it seems that every time there is an internet rumor or lie propagated you pick it up and turn it into a story. In the guise of debunking these pieces of nonsense you give them dissemination exponentially larger than they could have gotten without your help. You give a couple words to the lack of truth to these things and paragraph after paragraph to detailing the latest right wing smear. You act to validate this junk with your attention and you know it and still do it. You've acted to use associations to smear Obama with day after day clips of the same things (Wright?) and the target rich environment of McCain just slides on by with possibly a mention.
Going forward, we know from experience that covering a presidential campaign requires that some representatives of the press corps be with, or near, the Senator at all times as part of the "security package," just as the White House press corps is with the president.

And your corporate masters made sure you were in the loop about the fictional WMDs and fake Hussein/al Qaida links? You covered the oil deals Cheney made? You were there for the outing of Plame? Who exactly broke the fake yellow cake story?
ABC News Robin Sproul
AP Ron Fournier
CBS News Chris Isham
CNN David Bohrman
Fox News Brian Wilson
NBC News Tim Russert

Which of these signatories broke those stories? Which of these people who had "access" to the President wasn't an Iraq War booster? You behave as though you are something really special and are independent. Disney/ABC runs the most offensive right wing radio outside Clear Channel, CNN hires the most dysfunctional liars from BushCo and calls Glenn Beck an Independent, Fox is best remembered as Faux News Murdoch/RNC symbiont, NBC/GE couldn't get enough boom boom shock 'n awe; and you all signed this nonsense?

How many stories have you run on the Generals pundits propaganda machine you operated? It is a scandal and you can't be bothered, but boy it pisses you off to get sent away on an airplane while Obama and Clinton discussed the end of the Primary. Why don't you try earning the respect you're demanding?

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