Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paul Helmke - Brady Campaign Liar

Paul Helmke has repeatedly stated that it is plain on its face that the 2nd Amendment is only applicable to militias and therefor the Military today. He has ridiculed arguments opposing this view, a view with no historical precedence, and made it clear that only loons saw it as an individual right. Now, ABC quotes this guy:
"We've lost the battle on what the Second Amendment means," Brady Campaign president Paul Helmke told ABC News. "Seventy-five percent of the public thinks it's an individual right. Why are we arguing a theory anymore? We are concerned about what we can do practically."

Theory? The only people engaging in something theoretical was Helmke and his ilk. The language in the Amendment cannot be twisted into the loops the Brady Campaign proposed, it flatly cannot make the case. You have got to understand this concession in real terms, "We've lost the battle," means exactly what it means, they engaged in a battle to crush a plain right.
"We're expecting D.C. to lose the case," Helmke said. "But this could be good from the standpoint of the political-legislative side."

On a Court that is narrowly split on right and left Helmke expects to lose, understand the thust of that statement. Helmke has long asserted the right to strip ordinary citizens of the 2nd and he expects to lose? Every assertion that what the Brady Campaign was up to was Un-constitutional was ridiculed, Brady opponents were labeled gun-nuts and kooks for their stance. Helmke expects to lose a Supreme Court decision about the very thing he has advocated as Constitutional.

So, when was Helmke lying? This decision is not about what most Americans view as an individual or collective right, it is about what the Supreme Court views it as. If you are advocating the mangling of the Bill of Rights amendment numbered two and you have doubts...what in the hell kind of person are you? He did not state, "oh, we've had an epipheny," no he says we expect to lose.

Every time I've read this guy I've been struck by how much straighter a cork screw is than he is. I'll argue differences in policy, but I'll be damned if I'll argue against lies, I'll just call them such and prove it. I will not be polite about it, a liar is just that. Screw Paul Helmke - liar.


KISS said...

As a gun toting liberal I agree whole heartedly with you and quite agree on your assessment of Paul Helmke. The whole Brady bunch was a money generator and played on terrible crimes to make gun-grabbing a business. Viewing the supreme court decisions of late, I surmise this will be another " what-in-the-hell do they mean"

Zak Johnson said...

Anti-Constitutional advocates like the Brady Campaign give liberals a bad name. The Constitution isn't an a la carte or buffet-style experience. To treat it as such leads to the kind of grotesque distortions we've seen under the Bush administration (which supported D.C. in its attempt to retain its hand-gun ban, by the way.) I think of the Constitution like DNA; take away even a little piece and you get a different reality. Couldn't agree with you more on Helmke.