Friday, June 20, 2008

Fisa Capitulation

I can't even begin to write about this, spit is bad for a laptop and worse for it is airborne travel across the room so you'll have to be content with mcjoan over at DKos. Make the calls and write the emails, this has to stop. goddam it


KISS said...

You will hear no outrage from the golden dimmo. Like all good lackeys he will join up with Reid's and Pelosis and march to the wall street drummer's beat. I haven't heard a word about returning to constitutional law from the dimmo camp. Same ol' Same ol' I have often stated.
Hey what about our own back yard? Kroger getting on the ballot both as dimmo and repug...signs of one party unionism.
Don't look now but I think the dimmos are naked.

Zak Johnson said...

Why the hell is this even getting to the floor?

xoites said...

Repeal FISA is up and running. Anyone who wants to is welcome to sign up and become a Poster on it. The purpose of the blog is to organize a drive to repeal the FISA laws and all laws that pardon or give immunity from prosecution anyone who has violated the Constitution during the Bush Administration.

That is why we want everyone to be able to Post so they can start a conversation about an idea they have to make this happen.

Stop on by and check it out. By all means leave a comment and sign up to blog with us as we figure out what needs to be done to return our Fourth Amendment Rights and our rule of law.

If you have a blog already and you become a poster we will link to your site.