Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gordon Smith Puttering Around

Surely by now you've heard about Sen Gordon Smith (R-OR)'s spendy golf clubs, 4 of them for a cool $1.5M and in honor of his "hobby" he's having a $5K per person fundraiser at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. One could hope he'll get caught in a sand trap.

Gordon and his allies may think the only thing Obama is good for is caddying on those links, not to put too fines a point on it:

Gordon found the whole affair quite unfair, surely Trent didn't mean anymore by it than Gordon meant by saying he's opposed the Iraq War from the beginning.

If you listen to the whole mess, you might find yourself wondering....
(I have liberally used my pals at Blue Oregon)
Gordon seems to have stayed out of the Jack Abramroff dust up, though considering their mutual interest in Golf... Please let's send this pea-picker back to Pendleton by going over to the side bar and giving Jeff Merkley some bucks. This would b a really good time to do it, the election is freshly over and there is a lull until things heat up later.


KISS said...

And what of those bastions of dimmo leadership of Furse and Gordly? What did Gordon give away for them to turn-coat?
But than again, as these two served, I became more disenchanted with the dimmos and saw the light that both parties are not for the citizens. With Brown, Courtney, Burdick, Metzger and the line between repug and dimmo became blured

Chuck Butcher said...

Well KISS from my left point of view everybody is too far right, but there is a difference. If you were to visit Merkley's site and compare him to Smith's votes you'll find your interests are better represented.

Sure I'd like to see more, but this is a conservative nation and getting elected isn't that simple and in my lifetime I don't expect to see my views closely adhered to by a winner. I'll take what I can get and keep pushing.

KISS said...

I'm voting against Gordon, but not for Merkley...meaning Merkley gets our vote with nose held tightly.
I wish both parties would field Moderate candidates instead of extremist or self-serving..

Phil said...

"One could hope he'll get caught in a sand trap."

Or, maybe, the mother of all tsunamis.