Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boumediene V. Bush & McCain's Dishonor

One of the great things to happen at knife point, or perhaps sword point, was John's acquiescence to the nobles in 1215 that there were limits to power, the Magna Carta delineated these which included Habeas Corpus, literally Latin for "you have the body." It is a petition to a court to have it shown that one is held lawfully or be released.

George II and his lackey Republican Congress twice removed the right to Habeas Corpus from those he or the Dept of Defence declared to be enemy combatants. The Constitution clearly states that the right to Habeas Corpus shall be suspended only in the event of invasion or rebellion, neither of which seems to have occurred. The Supreme Court decided in Boumediene V Bush that the detainees in Guantanamo had the right to question their detention in US Courts. Oddly enough, that stalwart of justice and principled opponent of George, John McCain had this to say, "The Supreme Court yesterday rendered a decision which I think is one of the worst decisions in the history of this country," and echoed Robert's dissent that states the courts will be flooded with appeals. You understand that John McCain believes that the upholding of an eight hundred year old right extracted by force of arms from a petty tyrant King is the worst in history. It is an unforeseeable consequence of imprisoning and holding people for over six years might create a flood?

The right to be brought to trial is essential to governance by law, there is no law if there is no guarantee to a hearing in court, there is only tyranny. Law devolves into the exercise of physical force to imprison without the ability to challenge it, it makes the only recourse to "law-enforcement" forceful resistance, once in custody all options disappear. Understand that the word of a President is not sufficient to outweigh your inherent right to life and liberty, there is either law or there is anarchy.

John McCain has now shown his mind to have rotted from close association with the wannabe kinglet George II and he should be shunned. As an officer and gentleman he swore an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution, he has abrogated all respect due his uniform and his service. Any impulse to politeness toward him I may have felt is now gone. He is now no more than a freak of the Republican nature, better that SAM had killed him over N Vietnam when he may still have had some honor.


Nick Istre said...

But you see, we are in an invasion: we are invading Iraq, and plan on invading Iran!

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KISS said...

As in this article by Douglas Valentine points out an alarming

truth on McCain being a collaborator, when he was a POW, might be his undoing. Even if he skates away, his resistance to solving the MIA military in Vietnam speaks volumes of this self-serving sybaritic.

Phil said...

McCain is out-of-touch. It's been obvious from the get-go that the Supreme Court's worst decision ever was to give DUHbya a first term as POTUS.