Friday, June 13, 2008

Maliki Dislikes Bush Plan

Oddly enough PM Nouri al Maliki doesn't think much of GeorgeII's plan to occupy 58 bases in his country, take control of their air space and immunize contractors and US troops from Iraqi prosecution. McClatchy reports that he dislikes it sufficiently to threaten to ask foreign troop to leave when their UN mandate expires at the end of the year. The US has moved on from that first draft to one that would allow Iraqis to prosecute private contractors who violate Iraqi law and to turn over to Iraq those Iraqis held by US forces. Plan 'B' may be replaced by plan 'C' and etc. as negotiations continue. All this messing about in Iraq while George refuses the US Congress any say what-so-ever.

It seems the Iraqis see a bit more to this than an agreement aimed at their security. I cannot imagine why they might have doubts about US intentions, considering how the US got into Iraq in the first place.

Muqtada al Sadr seems to be winding himself and his followers up to some increased violence. The 10 month cease fire has been marked by Iraqi troop movements against his followers and his response it talk about the creation of a force authorized to only attack the invaders - us. Maybe we can count on John McCain to hope his way out of this mess, though I'd rather not...


Zak Johnson said...

How is it again that W. doesn't call this agreement a treaty, subject to Senate ratification? Hard to see how a gentlemen's agreement between him and whomever would carry any weight. And is the Senate asking this question as well? If so, I hadn't heard.

Chuck Butcher said...

He told the Senate to suck eggs