Wednesday, June 04, 2008

People I'd Be Happy To Never Hear Again

Well, I'll have to qualify the title a little with "a few" since there is a rather long list of liars, cheats, and obfusticators in and departed from the Bush administration. I don't include John McCain, I'm happy to watch him squirm and lie.

Terry McAuliff heads my list. It isn't so much his delusional Hillary talking points that offends me, it is the fact of his political disasters. He left the DNC in wreckage and discredited his candidate in the late Primary. Anyone who takes his idea of political strategy seriously asks for more of the same.

Lanny Davis is an obnoxious twit. His complete inability to keep together his past as a reformer and what has happened through this Primary shows that principle has become disposable. His slash and burn approach to fellow Democrats is mind boggling. I cannot think of a good political move he's made through this Primary. His latest move is to try to blackmail the Obama campaign to make Hillary VP. This couldn't be more counter-productive. He has been a major player in causing the FL/MI meltdown.

Mark Penn. Mark Penn. If anyone beyond McAuliff deserves credit for submarining a juggernaut campaign he's the guy. Anyone who could take an inevitable candidate with over 100 superdelegates and a huge warchest into defeat deserves to be ignored. Scorned might not be too strong a word.


Zak Johnson said...

I would add Bill Clinton's name to that list.

Chuck Butcher said...

Actually, I'd enjoy a private sit down free ranging balls to the walls with Bill. I am tired of his campaigning.