Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GOP Cretins and John McCain

Dallas News finds that the Texas GOP State Convention has vendors like Republicanmarket that don't seem to have gotten the McCain memo about civil campaigning. This would seem to be another example that the right should forgo "humor."

Crackers? There is something to be said for being upfront about being a horse's ass, but there's a lot more to be said for not being one. You're supposed to believe John McCain isn't a part of this stuff. "Oh my, that's not nice..." but I'll sure take whatever you clods can reel in for me. I won't go to Clayton Williams' fundraiser since he was cretin enough to compare rape to bad weather, but I'll sure take his $300K. Maybe it's just getting real difficult to avoid associating with slimeballs in Republican politics.

“These were obviously incredibly offensive remarks that the campaign was unaware of at the time it was scheduled,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said. “It’s positive that he did apologize at the time, but the comments are nonetheless offensive.”
Just exactly how dim do you have to be to miss this? Google does Clayton Williams in 0.22 seconds and the third listing headlines "rape joke." Now I realize John McCain grew up rodeoing dinosaurs and all and the level of competence expected of Republicans doesn't include screwing in light bulbs but hey, they seem to be able to find smut on the 'net anytime they need something to complain about. (or have prurient reactions to...) Evidently in New Mexico all y0u have to be able to do is crash several expensive Navy planes and get taken prisoner to qualify as Senator, but hopefully the nation at large has higher standards when it comes to President.

Does anybody start to see a pattern emerging? This US Senator called the Supreme Court decision re-affirming Habeas Corpus the worst decision in history. The prime directive of law, the idea that you get to have a trial, is the worst decision. I know he managed to graduate the Naval Academy in the bottom 1% of his class but you'd think that idea wouldn't escape him. He certainly can't be running for GWB's third term since he thinks the Constitution is toilet paper and we've never had a President with that maybe we have and maybe he is.

It doesn't matter how bad an idea George II has had, John McCain is for it. Torture? A former POW thinks it's a fine idea if George does. Warrantless spying on Americans? George likes it and so do John's telecommunication buddies, so he does. Tax breaks for the plutocrats? Bankrupting the nation so some plutocrats can be making obscenely more obscene amounts of money is a good thing, George thought so. Use the government to privatise profits while socializing the risk is the new Republican vision, George said so and John McCain is all for it. He doesn't want your tax dollars wasted on earmarks, he's adamantly against it, but corporate sucking at the government tit is the order of the day. If we throw enough blood and treasure at Iraq they'll hate us but they'll be a victory, and that's really important. It's really really important that John McCain gets to wear his laurel in the Triumph, no more Viet Nams.*

If you want a doddering old fool's pandering, fear mongering, and tired ideas make sure to just let it go. Don't call him on his crap, let him play both ends to the middle as an honorable man. He's not. He is a fraud and charlatan masquerading as a Maverick and a hero. Soldiers serve and their manner of service deserves respect, but the man is who he is and his character is what it is and John McCain deserves to be sent home with his tail between his legs and his reputation based on who he is today - not that airman POW of over three decades ago. Ask the hero about Chuck Keating and ask him about his Campaign Manager Rick Davis and a warning from the NSC that he was undercutting US policy - for money. Oh yeah, he's got experience - as a tool of corrupt influence pedaling cretins.

*We lost Viet Nam because the politicians wouldn't let us win - see RMN & Kissinger...

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