Sunday, June 08, 2008

The New Old Time Politics

There is a program out there to make real once again one of the old time political tools that has fallen away. It is the personal touch of politics, it's the piece that used to happen all the time, a long time ago. There was a time when the Precinct captain knew all the folks in his area, he was the upstream contact to politicians. He took their problems seriously and made sure people knew he was doing something. To be sure the influence peddling is pretty much gone from the neighborhood level of politics, but along with it went the personal touch. That piece, the I/we care about you, your vote matters in a personal way went away. And that's a shame because that giving of a personality to politics is more persuasive than just about anything money can buy. Some of you that have followed this little effort since it was a campaign site might remember that I pitched this idea hard, that your word meant more than anything I could buy to your neighbor or your friend.

The DNC began to put together a program last year that is now close to being activated. It was meant to be rolled out months ago but there have been hang ups. It is called Neighborhood Leader or Neighbor to Neighbor and the link is to DPO. They ask for a commitment that might be difficult to manage for some, but it is realistic for many. For those who can't manage it, something is better than nothing and regardless it may work out to be actual fun. The process of putting a human face on politics isn't new and it isn't to be discounted for its long history. If you can articulate reasons for a political position and like people it's a real opportunity to do something much more meaningful than phone banking or contributing money. Money can't buy what you can bring to the plate.

If you want to take information on specific concerns of voters and bring that back to the Party we'll see that in some form it gets back upstream. Give it some consideration, DPO will see to it that you have what you need and people to coordinate with.


KISS said...

Sounds like " Chicago Style Politics". They call them wards and the boss of each ward is a " Ward Healer". Got a pothole? Call the Ward healer and it gets fixed, come vote time you better deliver or no more fixes for you. Wards did much harm and abuse was plenty..Tamany Hall, anyone? This next election has more dimmo referendom taxations coming...hang onto your wallets.

Chuck Butcher said...

I don't remember anybody saying it was your pocket the (D)s were after.

Yeah, in Chicago Ward heelers and in NY Aldermen or Captains. That type of machine is pretty much dead in today's world.

KISS said...

From today's Big O: "But another referral by the Legislature also could set off a heated debate. It would effectively make it easier for local governments such as school districts to raise property taxes by exempting tax measures voted on in May or November elections of any year from the "double majority" requirement of the Oregon Constitution."
As I said watch your wallet.Dimmos were in control of legislature.And Oregon is very blue.

Chuck Butcher said...

I don't know whose brain child was the double majority, I am firmly of the opinion that if you want or don't want something on the ballot - vote. It makes it a bit easier in the sense that not voting isn't counted as a vote. You still have your voice and your wishes respected by ballot.