Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rothschild Pound House Inn, Columbus, GA

I have, on occasion, spent large dollars for hotel lodging and while I've been generally satisfied I have not ever been as well treated as I was by the folks at the Rothschild Pound House. This is not your ordinary bed and breakfast, it is a neighborhood. If this sounds strange, the complex consists of both sides of an entire city block in an old Victorian neighborhood a few blocks off downtown. On one corner is the Rothschild house, a great 2 story Victorian with a wrap around porch, tower, 5 suites, and two large formal sitting rooms. Nest door are 2 "cottages," single story smaller Victorians, followed by another 2 story. Directly across the street from the Rothschild is a large 2 story which is the owner's home, next door are 3 cottages, followed by an old butcher's shop which is now Cafe 222, with a beautiful stamped metal ceiling and covered outdoor dining space which is home, of your complimentary breakfast - from menu. At lunch time they serve an outstanding buffet.

My cottage, 2 doors from the cafe, had a large sitting/front room, a large bedroom, a bath with 6 foot whirlpool tub/shower, a small kitchen, a nice front porch, and a gazebo in the backyard. The tables were near period, while the bed and sitting furnishings were new. The refrigerator was starter stocked, a fairly large cable TV selection provided, and wireless access provided from the property account. It was spacious, spotless, and very nicely served.

A word about the staff, their professionalism was only exceeded by their courtesy and friendliness. I found that my needs were not only met but exceeded and they constantly sought means to make my life more pleasant and convenient. Only on one other occasion have I blogged about lodging so you must understand that I do not lightly hand out kudos. I had paid to be comfortable, well, I surely got that, and much, much more. For a little while I became a member of a family in Columbus, GA.


The Rothschild Pound House

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