Saturday, May 26, 2007

War, McCain, Romney, and Assorted Nitwits

Candidates Hillary and Obama voted against the War funding bill so John McCain shoots from the hip stating that the nay vote is, "waving a white flag to Al-Qaeda." Um, John, the Iraqis would be happy to take care of Al-Qaeda with us there or not, Afghanistan and Pakistan are another issue. Your hot shot cowboy let that one slip out of our grasp, he wanted to go play for oil, not national security. The Republikans have made much to do about what tough sonsabitches they are, with other people's money and other people's kids for the benefit of those who couldn't even see the troops past their noses.

Romney's opinion of the Clinton/Obama votes was, "a vote that singularly defines their lack of leadership and serves as a glaring example of an unrealistic and inexperienced worldview on national security," showcasing no doubt his vast experience in the world arena and national politics. Maybe that book of Mormon creates magical world view. Either of the criticized candiates meets or exceeds the ex-governor's total experience.

Now it's been pretty apparent that I have little use for Hillary as a Democrat, even with all her baggage she's got more sense in her little finger than these two. McCain, of course, touted his military experience and his behavior as a POW was exemplary, but guess what flyboy, a jet and the crap in the dust and streets of Iraq have not squat to do with each other. It also didn't have anything to do with with the ground pounding in 'Nam. Next time you'd like to take a tour of a market, go to one of Pence's.

Chief chickenhawk GWB was backed up by a coterie of them, Cheney, Rumsfeld, ad nauseum and you can add Romney, unless them 'durn varmits' count, and truthfully add in the flyboy. Sure, you don't have to be an infantryman to qualify for national office, you don't even need to be one to command troops successfully, but whanging the war drums and touting your experience had better be backed up, ask AWOL in Chief... If this is the best the Republikans have to offer, they deserve to be in the wilderness for awhile. When the most sensible one of the bunch is Libertarian Ron Paul...


DA English said...


I enjoyed your piece. If anyone is clueless, it's Mr. Mormon himself, Mitt Romney. I'm glad Obama stood his ground and voted against the bill.

I haven't been reading your blog as much lately as I'm getting ready to come back to the US.

Steve Culley said...

Duncan Hunter backs his belief in the war with a 2 tour son over there. He's delusional on the war, thinking that Iraqis will actually form a peaceful nation. They will, given a chance, elect Al Sadar as supreme leader because the Shia are a majority.
It's damn hard to listen to the debates and not notice that Ron Paul has more natural sense than any of the candidates. Seems only logical to back someone like him.
And remember Mitt belives in "assault weapons". A fictional device that was banned by the 1934 Federal firearms act. The rate of fire of all legal weapons is one shot per trigger pull. Oh well it helped Bill Clinton get elected and Hillary was on board.
I'm going to vote, borders, guns, and a national defense, not national offense. Ron Paul seems to be the man.

Chuck Butcher said...

It's pretty telling when the most intelligent R candidate is Ron Paul. You need to be afraid of him is you have less than a lot, he has little sympathy for the idea that government is the only entity that can handle many issues. He does stand for civil liberties and non-interference foreign policy. He gets two chunks right, way more than the rest of the R crowd.