Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So, Jerry Falwell Is Dead

A bigoted prick drops dead of a heart attack and we're bombarded with, 'oh what a wonderful Christian and great American' until I could puke. Let's get this straight, this is the guy who stated baldly that 9/11 and Katrina were the fault of pagans, gays, abortionists, ACLU, and essentially anybody (secularists) who wasn't his narrow mean minded version of Christian.

Oh yeah, he rallied his troops and in the process created an atmosphere of bitter partisanship and theocratic legislators. He repeatedly made the claim that the US was a Judeo-Christian nation, completely at odds with the historical facts. Moving beyond the building of "Christian morality" in his flock to the legal enforcement of it he built an opposition that despised him and his Religious Right.

Since he was so fond of blaming occurrences on God's revenge on people, makes you wonder what he thought about as he died of a sudden heart attack, was it the devil or God being sick of his crap. I figure his nasty old heart just gave out, like they do sometimes. He claimed to hate the sin and love the sinner as he demonstrated the opposite, I despise hypocrisy and will make no pretence to find somebody like him lovable. So long Jerry, I ain't gonna miss ya.


KISS said...

The sadness of Falwell's departure is the fawning of Dimmos as well as expected Repugs over this piece of shit. Sometimes I wish I were religious so I could believe these scoundrels would burn in hell. Alas, I must just be content that another has died and hope another is not resurrected.

Anonymous said...

Thats my dad in the middle��