Friday, May 04, 2007

Sooner Than Expected

Purchase of a lap top and accommodations with wireless have allowed me get back on a little sooner than expected. Columbus, GA is in point of fact a fair sized place where, despite my "Yankee" accent and generally furry appearance I have been treated with very nearly small town courtesy and friendliness. The accommodations are outstanding and my Hosts have gone far beyond the general commercial good treatment. More on this later.

My son, Nick, graduated today. He is now an infantryman. I am proud of what he has accomplished, today's basic is not a "gimmee," his platoon started at 253 men and finished at 198. He is much changed. So far what I've seen of the changes are improvements, but as he has gone onto FL with my wife for some vacation and I'm waiting for my flight out of Columbus, I'll have to wait awhile to get a good measure.


KISS said...

Good to see you here again.

Chuck Butcher said...

A laptop is a new experience for me, I'm beginning to get how to work the pad, sort of. I already lost 45 minutes of writing a post, inadvertantly bumping something.