Friday, May 11, 2007


The master of boxing, Muhamed Ali, coined the term for wasting your opponent's time and energy by letting him punch himself out without harm to yourself. Republicans and the rest of BushCo are engaging in this tactic regarding Iraq. We have to wait until July to know how it's going, then September, and the Democrats punch to no effect. BushCo takes hard line stances, hears some public relations Republican opposition, and takes a more moderate stance - publicly and vaguely. The voters hear all this and some nod their heads think progress. Pah, rope-a-dope, this mess is going in the same exact direction with the same exact techniques and will get passed on to the next President and if that President is Hillary it will continue, despite her claims. Never forget, she has approved the aims of George II, she's just quarreled with his failure. The media chattering class, who need to keep their jobs, will tout flexibility, slam political games - while playing, cover meaningless stories, and manufacture balance as the killing and destruction continues.

If you care, push at Congress, no cave-ins, no kid gloves, let's brawl.

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