Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bush Lost the War, Bush Made Us Weaker

Bill Mahr said to say it and say it and say it again. The War wasn't lost by troops, it wasn't won by "insurgents," BushCo lost it. Sure, America shouldn't have gone but for the jingoists, here's a news flash, your flight suit wearing AWOL guardsman business incompetent twit god's voice in government numbskull lost it, threw it away. After letting the neocons lead us into Iraq, George II let the greed head drown the government faction run the place, don't misunderstand, the Iraqis were relatively happy up until then. They ain't happy now, evidently. Oh George'll drag this out so some Democrat gets to pull the plug on his mess-adventure so it can be their fault, you know, weak kneed Democratic librulls.

You remember that War on Terror thing, you know post 9/11 get the world together and kick some ass idea, Afghanistan and the world cheering it on, right up until BushCo tossed it in Iraq. The world doesn't like us much now and according to intelligence we're making terrorists faster than we can kill them. Iraq is an ideal training camp for learning to fight US troops or others. Afghanistan and Pakistan held the bad people, we seemed to lose attention. If you think things sucked before, this ought to make it look like child's play.

Well, George II has 18 months to keep things screwed up, that's awhile, but it ain't 6 years. That's a small consolation.

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