Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crossing Lines With Monica

Monica is sorry. The point of Civil Service Rules is to allow the machinery of government to run without the interference of political agendas. This is not about an Administration or Congressional Majorities which are political agendas, this is about the actual gears of government. These are the people who do the nuts and bolts of governance, in some ways your county court's clerks or secretaries. They are not elected or subject to partisan spoils, it is in fact important that the papers be done in an even handed manner, whomever they effect. An Assistant DA does not get to make political decisions about the words of the law, it is simply the law the law passed by political agendas.

Monica apologized for asking political questions of career employment applicants. She may actually not have known what she was doing is against the law for one and that the law is not a pointless obstruction in the path to BushCo godliness. She might not have known because she graduated from a half-assed school and polished her knowledge in the RNC as an oppo researcher before getting in over her head. There are 150 of her fellow alumni in the Administration. This is a perfect example of ideology trumping competence - BushCo in three words.

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