Wednesday, May 23, 2007

P-O'd and Not Gonna Get Over It

Boy I can't tell you how glad I am to have achieved a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, just darn ecstatic to find that we managed to get rid of the plutocratic war mongering Republikan majority so we can...have a Democratic plutocratic war mongering bipartisanship.

Yahoo. George II and BushCo can do just exactly as they please if the stamp their feet enough, you know, veto war funding with timetables and let every criminal plutocratic and wannabe criminal plutocratic business person hire every illegal alien they like. It really makes no difference that the cannon fodder is primarily blue collar and the wage depression of labor gluts crushes blue collar wages, that way soldiering looks much better. What exactly is the point of Congressional oversight if you just let BushCo do as it pleases?

Do you get it? If you can't make a living because some illegal has the job you can always go get shot at. It would be ever so technologically difficult to create a hiring verification system that matched: Name, SS, Address, No Duplicates and gave a simple Yes/No and include some very real consequences for violating both fraudulent documentation and illegal hiring. Jail for fraud and Davis-Bacon Act wage match fines for employment violation and jail for subsequent violations. Those illegally present could be given 6 months to wind up affairs and leave and by registering move to the head of the line for legal entry, those caught after the fact - deportation and asset seizure, serious jail for repeated offenses. A carrot and a stick.

Americans won't do the work is nonsense, they just won't do it for the available wages. Farmer X can't compete - when the playing field is even he certainly can, when his neighbor is hiring illegally and paying serf wages there's a problem. It certainly speaks volumes when the left and GeorgeII want the same thing and it involves the establishment of a serf class and a further depression of labor wages. What drives this particular lunacy? I've heard liberal guilt - about what I'm not sure - and I've postulated it's a "feel good" solution fixation - the idea that nobody gets overtly hurt. It is obvious when people are arrested, it's much less obvious that the guys building your house are sliding into disaster as they struggle with wages at 60% of 1980 levels. This certainly isn't because their work is easier, safer, or somehow "dumber;" it has to do with a labor glut that started with Ronnie Reagan's amnesty bringing previously hidden workers into the market and encouraging both illegal entry and illegal hiring by demonstrating the Federal disinterest in labor and law.

Here is the upshot, you can get citizenship by soldiering or for 8 years you can be a disenfranchised serf working to replace American labor and all the potential illegal immigrants know that getting in is all it takes, the Feds will eventually just amnesty again. At some point wages will be sufficiently depressed that American labor will either rebel or quit. The rebellion won't involve the people getting rich on predatory hiring, it will fall on anyone brown and speaking either with an accent or a foreign language - racism. It has absolutely happened before, Northern racism has its roots in employment competition, WWII sparked a northern migration of blacks to fill jobs vacated by soldiers and created by war production.

The Democratic Party label used to stand for economic and social justice, explain to me what these two actions stand for, go right ahead.


Torrid said...

Chuck, the left wants the guest worker program out of the bill. Otherwise, I don't see a better solution than amnesty. Once they're legal, you can't pay them shit anymore. frannyy99

Chuck Butcher said...

Legal means taxes, it does not address an artificial labor glut. If 8 people want one job, the job is worth less, simple market econ. This is the real agenda of the plutocrats, read your history particularly late 1800s - to 1920s.

Steve Culley said...

Getting harder every day to be a democrat or republican ain't it? Get some of the crap being bandied about by George and Teddy, we have to have border security but we can't have border security without a guest worker program because they will just hop the border if we don't. Talk about double talk. One republican senator today called this bill a "piece of shit". The people are beginning to stand up and it seems that is making some in government to get real. Interesting poll, republicans are losing members fast because of this peice of shit and the democrats can't be far behind. Could it be that a real viable 3rd party is on the horizon?

Chuck Butcher said...

No 3rd party

see Central Sanity for why. (side bar links)