Saturday, January 06, 2007

None of Your Darn Business

I suppose that my readers may have noticed that the BushCo regime has a penchant for secrecy, like classifying more documents than any other administration. The Prez likes to sign bills and then out of the public eye write out just exactly how they do not apply to him, this particular noblesse oblige is called a signing statement and I've complained about that before. But really this one has to stand alone, a five page document dated May 17th states that all documents detailing entry to and exit from the White House are no longer the property of the Secret Service, but that of the White House as Presidential records - thus BushCo property.

Seem arcane? Nope, this means that as Presidential Papers they're confidential, you know secret. It seems that the Abramoff visits sparked some fires, like the WaPo suing under the FoIA for the Secret Service records from the period. The White House didn't really know the dude, he was only there a few times for photo ops ...a House committee found 485 contacts with Presidential aides and at least 10 with Karl Rove over the three year period.

It is of course not just about Abramoff, there's the little issue of who has been visiting Dick Cheney, something they don't want getting around either. Isn't there just a touch of irony in this piece of news so closely following on the mail opening signing? Your mail is subject to Presidential whim, but it's none of your darn business who visits your White House.

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