Saturday, January 06, 2007


Turns out that it wasn't bad sex that got Harriet Meirs out of the Counsel business, apparently while she wasn't up to being a Supreme, neither was she up to being a "war consigliari." Seems the White House is worried about a pending war with Congress and wanted a street fighter. Sycophantism doesn't count for everything in BushCo.

Now, while you're mulling over poor Harriet's plight - thrown over for a better - think about the Geo II line, if you have nothing to worry about why do you mind us ... They seem to have something to worry about if their Supreme Court nominee isn't competent to handle their legal affairs. Watching how privilege and power balance with the common man in this administration tends to make one glad the 2nd Amendment guarantees they're not the only ones with firepower.

I knew there was fodder for someone like me in the poor woman's jilting. Hey, Condi, looked over your shoulder lately? There's a ruder term for sycophanic blacks.

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