Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Way Forward

The WaPo has an article saying critics complain that the "Surge, etc" is more of the same. GWB may not be the most truthful fellow around, but he generally gives some hints. Take the title given to his new Slogan, New Way Forward, there is Forward and there is Backward and there is Out as adverbs in this sort of connection. The noun Way I won't pick at, but New is probably actually an untruth except in the context of "More." (the advertising equivalent is "New and Improved" meaning the label or container is different)

Truth in advertising, oh well, but Forward does not indicate a change of direction and all indications are that it doesn't mean it to BushCo, either. The steady drip, drip of leaks about the "New" plan from this secretive bunch indicates a willingness to have it happen which would seem to indicate a desire to have the Public oven pre-heated. There are a couple strategies that could be at work: not wanting to have bad news hit all at once or bring out a somewhat different product implying that a lot of work went into this. Without paying attention to more than just this bunch's track record, what will be new is the Slogan.

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