Friday, January 05, 2007

Cheerleader in Chief Gone?

Harriet Meirs, BushCo's non-Supreme non-nominee, resigns effective January 31st.

That's it. Really the entire news story is right there.

White House counsel, withdrawn Supreme Court nominee, the most sycophantic letter writer I've ever seen resigns and it's a one liner? So what is it, a rat jumping Administration ship foundering on the shoals of impeachment, bad sex, tired of lying, c'mon what is it? Surely the fawning school girl crush hasn't given way to disillusionment, or just plain worn off? Oh man, there's got to be fodder here.

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Zak J. said...

If there's anything worse than selling one's soul, it has got to be getting conned out it.

To wit, Harriet Meirs, failed Supreme Court nominee and presidential patsy, will forever go down in history as the woman who said George W. Bush was the smartest man she ever met. Good God, what an epitath.