Thursday, January 25, 2007

And I Give A Rat's Patoot?

I sit at a keyboard and have my little say, it's opinion, sometimes it's the relation of facts, but nobody asks me to write for WaPo. I'm not real confused about why, my really big political achievements amount to getting a gun rights related resolution passed by DPO and a not real well received run for the OR 02 CD Dem Primary. Now that's not related particularly to my intelligence or political acumen, it's just not a real impressive resume for a national audience.

So why is that the WaPo is carrying Liz Cheny's little screed "Retreat Isn't an Option?" Maybe it's the part where you're impressed by who her father is. Hey, my daddy's an important guy, I got a job with the State Dept, you know I got it because I'm really qualified. I suppose the next thing is we get to hear how Barney feels about Iraq... We now know Liz can parrot Dick. You can find her Bio and see if it contains anything that nepotism didn't confer on her...

Can you think of a good reason to give a rat's patoot what her opinion is? Jeeze, I hope Hillary pays attention to it, I don't like her, either.


Zak J. said...

I wondered the same thing: "Who the *&@# is Mary Cheney???"

Her dad was still at it yesterday, saying that we need to have the "guts" or "stomach" to finish the job in Iraq. The clear implication is that anyone who questions the war is doing so out of cowardice. Nevermind that the real reason were in this fix is because Cheney, among others, still refuses to engage his brain and face facts. Even Chuck Hagel called Cheney's statement infantile or something to that effect.

But maybe there's a bright side to getting Mary out there--perhaps the Republicans will eventually co-opt the pro-GLBT issue the way Bush tried to absorb the progressive agenda in his SOTU speech.

crallspace said...

They're all falling apart. Sadly, they are dragging the entire nation down with them.

Chuck Butcher said...

It's Liz, the married one, who used to work for State Dept.

As for Mary, hey Dickie, you guys STFU about gays and everybody will leave you alone.