Friday, January 05, 2007

Let Him Have an Inch and He'll Take ...

On December 20th Geo II signed the postal reform bill and promptly issued a signing order that said despite current law and in contradiction to the bill he'd just signed "a class of mail otherwise sealed against inspection..." can be opened for "searches in exigent circumstances." You were a little surprised he'd listen in on your phone calls with no warrant, a bit more surprised by FBI agents being allowed to burgle your house with no warrant, how surprised are you your mail is in the same boat?

I've been jumping up and down ranting that encroachments on the Bill of Rights by gun control and Rico Act junk encouraged the government to act as though our rights are somehow dispensed by that band of cretins and here you begin to see the inches turning into miles. The king of the US has just told you (very quietly) that he gets to decide if he wants to look at your mail.

Now for you kids out there, at one time there was no Secret Court to issue warrants to the Feds so they could spy on you and if the government wanted to open your mail some judge was going to make them show very clearly and convincingly why they should get to. There also was a time when a law-abiding citizen owning a gun was a good thing and the government didn't get to just accuse you of something and snag your property. So, we get to obey the law and Georgie gets to do as he damn pleases.

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