Sunday, January 07, 2007

Huffington Post and Comments

I enjoy some of the stuff on The Huffington Post , there's some good writing and a fairly good selection of news reports. I also frequently find myself in in partial agreement and sometimes downright unhappy. So, I've availed myself of the "Comments" section, or rather tried to. I get nicely logged in, write something, click post, get assured that it's on its way, and it never appears. On going readers will note that I am at least marginally polite almost all the time and I try to stay on point. Somehow, HuffPo finds me objectionable. I've given them an opportunity to explain this to me, an opportunity they have not taken advantage of.

In one Post's comments section I counted 3 separate complaints about nonsensical arbitrary censorship, this from "lefty" commenters. Oddly enough, pretty rude "right" stuff seems to show up. I will note for the record that Sen. Chuck Schumer made a post "Back to Work on the Issues that Matter" and I bothered to comment that it sounded good but that civil liberties were important and that I was underwhelmed by his support of the Bill of Rights, in particular the Second Amendment. I also mentioned that while I might shoot the odd Bambi or target, the purpose of these guns is to keep the government off our necks. Somehow this is threatening enough to the powers that be at HuffPo to delete.

I started this Blog as a campaign site and stated at the outset that its purpose was for me to inform and readers to interact, any political campaign that remains in ignorance is engaging in stupidity and arrogance. This Blog is still a political campaign, just not an election campaign, I have an agenda, it's clear. HuffPo has an agenda, clearly, but evidently it's not to stay informed of their reader's thinking. I still stop by there, I don't believe holding the contributors responsible for policy is sensible, but I also no longer read Arianna, it's her blog. Too bad for somebody who wants to be influential.

Here, you can disagree, just leave the CAPs button alone, don't call stupid names, don't make personal threats, and give yourself some kind of identity. Some measure of civility will gain you credence if not agreement. If you want to say "Atta Boy" I can take that, too. Anybody is welcome here, just don't make a BIG effort to be a PITA.

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Chuck Butcher said...

For accuracy's sake, HuffPo has started letting me comment again. Odd?