Monday, October 20, 2008

The Real Terrorists

If you can read this and not strain a blood vessel you're either an awfully calm sort or you have way too much money to be wasting your time on this blog. Investment banks going in the toilet on the backs of their money grubbing in swaps and derivatives would seem to be definite failure. You know, not a real brain strain to see this as not having done a good job.

$70 Billion worth of pay and bonus for this level of performance? Yup, this level of screwing up means you're so good at it that...that...that. Does it make you want to hurt somebody? Honest to god, is there an appropriate level of response that wouldn't put you in jail? In the face of this, the idiots in the McCain campaign call Obama a socialist? Did somebody honestly say something in a negative tone about socialized medicine? The level of intellectual corruption demostrated by these people is astonishing.

That this election is within 20 points is a testament to the craven stupidity of the electorate. That has nothing to do partisanship, it has everything to do with the economic and foreign realities we face as a result of the thinking of the people in power. Yes, absolutely they are or have been the Republicans, but if anyone had officiated oover such a disaster they'd deserve that 20 point beating. On the backs of the American taxpayer these pricks are going to get one more big payout, pigs at the trough once again and there's no SCREAMING going on?

I'm too pissed off to make sense...


Zak Johnson said...

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable. I like the line in the article that when you do a bad job, you only get a little bonus. Sound like your job???? Not mine either.

The feds should have just bought up the assets and gone into the direct lending business, or at least restricted the redistribution of tax-payer wealth to banks competent enough to have avoided getting sucked into the housing bubble that every Tom, Dick, and Harry saw coming for the last five years. I got rid of my ARM three years ago, and I don't even work for Goldman Sachs.

Chuck Butcher said...

I know it probably seems like I got spit and foam all over the screen, but I am furious.