Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain Finally Says What He Means

Ah, a misleading title, actually nobody seems to know who is responsible for this southern Missouri sign. I suppose the real question is why the sign maker thought it was a good idea. I really doubt this thing will actually persuade anybody to change a vote.

In this blog I try to give people ammunition for persuasion. Sometimes I use it for simply howling at the Universe. I do know that for the most part I'm preaching to the choir, here. When I get published on BlogBurst I reach a bit wider audience, but even there, after a sentence or two people are pretty aware of where I'm going.

Will I get in a snit over a sign like this? Not really, mostly I'm amused. It has the virtue of being up front about its message, unlike McCain and Palin. It flatly won't do anything positive for McCain, he's already got Palin doing the chin drooling base reinforcement and she's probably much more effective than this silliness.

On the issues involved in the sign? Despite the Religious Right's rhetoric, abortions go down under Democrats and up under Republicans. Gayness has what to do with anything? These people will have a real big problem with taxing the rich? Obama seems to be staying away from guns, and most of what he's said, nationally, hasn't been poison or reassuring.

Maybe this person should think about a career in comedy...or not.

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