Sunday, October 26, 2008

Balloon Juice

John Cole of Balloon Juice used to run one of those Bush-backing conservative sites that drive some of us nuts, not the crazies Jon Swift skewered the other day, the ones where you watch an intelligent person behaving in ways that make no sense. The cumulative blows of Katrina, Iraq, and the Schiavo tragedy convinced him the Republican Party wasn't for him anymore.

John finds interesting stories and writes really good posts. They are literate and well reasoned - well usually. I stop there daily. The real fun starts down in the comments, this is not ground for the faint of heart, iconoclastic is a mild description. If you're going to go there, be careful what you take seriously and post with care if you have delicate feelings. Comments run 70-100s and frequently contain interesting links.

If you're wondering why this 'endorsement' is happening, it is a pay back. I did a little blog-whoring over there that delivered quite a few readers to this little site. For the uninitiated, blog-whoring is using another's site to drive readers to your own.

Balloon Juice is worth your time and I'm glad to return the favor of sending readers.

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