Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Republicanland Lies and Stupidity Grow on Trees...

...and dollars flutter up into the plutocratic sky only to tinkle down later smashing socialist Muslim domestic terrorist anti-American liberal sympathizers under the magnificent rhetoric of the Alaskan Weatherlady. The Portland Fishwrapper touts the Republican Senator as a senior (56th) and bipartisan moderate who only votes 90% with Kinglette George II and hasn't seen a progressive domestic policy he couldn't pretend to support as he voted against it or environmental rapaciousness he couldn't back after decrying it. You might think there'd be an object lesson in the biggest fish kill in US history for Gordon, something along the line of, "hey, you can give farmers money in a drought but fishies ain't got no use for it - they just up an die." But Nooooooooo, that's an attack point he uses against his opponent.

After all this time you'd think one of two things would happen in the alternative reality called Republicanism; either they'd throw up from the cumulative effects of all the lying and stupidity or the citizens would get wise and it wouldn't work at all. So far the only ones getting ill are the ones who know the facts and give a damn that facts exist and considering that the two races prominent in this state nationally are Smith/Merkley and Obama/McCain and neither is a 20 point slam dunk for the Democrat - the lying and stupid is still working. By using the same metric on tax votes that the two Republicans do, Committee votes, Amendment votes, & etc. their records are probably more toxic. Oregon Republican Legislators are now having to run against the Oregon Republican US Senator's advertising on the sensible bipartisan Capital refurbishing bill they helped pass because the Oregon House Leader who treated their Caucus with respect is now running for the US Senate seat held by their fellow Republicanland resident.

The US Congress now needs to be investigated for anti-Americanism because a US Senator who isn't a brain dead Republicanland right winger from Minnesota is running for President. An Alaskan Governor who helped see to it that private enterprise from that State gives checks of $3200 to every Alaskan calls a Democrat a Socialist. The Repulicanland Governor of Federal Welfare Queen Alaska calls a Democrat a Socialist. The Party of Plutocratic Welfare, of Privatize Profit and Socialize Risk, of Corporatize Government...

The Socialized Investment Banks of derivatives and swaps greed head bust get big piles of investment money Insurance Companies...Socialized Medicine is a dirty word... This election is within single digits and that many won't look at the low hanging fruit on Republicanland trees and want to throw up? A women whose husband belongs to a secessionist Party and who has made herself valuable to that Party, whose founder died in an illegal plastic explosives deal gone bad, can seriously talk about someone's associations? Plastic explosives aren't used to deal with a gopher problem.

People with voluntary associations with anti-Semitics, witch doctors, end timers, and a host of intolerant hate mongering half wits get taken seriously on the national stage? These people think it might be a good idea to throw rocks at a black preacher who has stated that the US has acted badly at times? Now I don't want to beat a dead horse too hard trying to make him get up; but if you can't - at the drop of a hat - think of half a dozen really shitty things the US Government has gotten up to; you don't pay any attention at all. Now I may love my country and work really hard for its benefit - but that doesn't mean I close my eyes to its faults to make some jingoistic Pro-America noises.

Watch the crowds being whipped into a froth by McCain and Palin and take their economic measure. These are the people whose incomes and jobs have declined specifically due to the Republicanland agenda. They listen raptly to "class warfare" rhetoric being slung at the Democrats while they've spent the last 30 years on the losing end of class warfare waged on them by the very people they cheer. They espouse truly exotic and non-mainstream religious ideas and lose their minds over the word Muslim. Their lunatic fringe element of their fringe has committed more individual bombings, arsons, and murders than any other group in this country - and they're scared of foreigners...or Bill Ayers?

I'd really like to see a beating handed out on election day that would persuade most of the world and a bunch of people like me that sense actually does prevail with most Americans. Don't hold your breath and don't be satisfied with polls - work for it.

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