Thursday, October 02, 2008

It Only Counts For...Everything

If you haven't registered to vote before, or have moved, or are out of state or country since your last registration, you need to do it. Very soon. Ask your friends, hell, ask everybody, are you currently registered to vote. Deadlines are coming quickly.

For your convenience, All registration deadlines.

If you're reading this little political blog you probably are registered, but is it current? Have you changed addresses since the last election? It only takes a couple minutes to do it, if you need to update or whatever if you call a Democratic County Party they'll send somebody with a card and turn it in for you, it's the law and ...hell we're Democrats, we'd do it if it weren't the law.

It's easy to forget, find your voter ID and check that the address matches, please. Have your say, this one time you actually get to control the people who try to control your life so do it. Tell that to your friends, even the conservative ones, take control this one time you get to.

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