Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lundgren for Senate

Our friend Maren Lundgren has a TV commercial out. Her site is found at Lundgren for Senate.

This is an important race for Oregon Senate and in these closing days any kind of help paying for this ad sure will help.
Contribute will get you into a secure site.

This is Maren and Chuck at Central Oregon Shooting Association and an Uberti .45 Colt SAA with bird's head grip doing instruction with a gun that requires special handling. This is an original patent revolver which means the firing pin is on the hammer and safe handling requires an empty chamber under the hammer. We had enough fun that she's offered to supply ammo for another go around if I can get out that way again.

I'm not in her Senate district so I don't get to vote for her. Since my district is uncontested for Ted Ferrioli I got to leave it blank, I did think Mickey Mouse was a quality opponent but I don't like spoiling a ballot. Given that situation I'll do what I can for a good candidate. This is the big push, so please do what you can to help out.

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