Friday, October 17, 2008

A Blot On Minnesota

A year and a half ago I ran a post making fun of Rep. Michelle Bachman, and I have not since kept up with her stupidity. I offer you this interview from MSNBC's Hardball:

Dump Bachman is not happy to have Ms Bachman representing them, I suggest with a very real reason. This person is a part of the writing of US law - go ahead and consider that for a moment. The good news was reported by Rachel Maddow this evening, it seems that within hours of Rep Bachman's comments her opponent received $30,000 in contributions. If you're not all tapped out from supporting the opponents of that Party's noxious members, go see El Tinklenberg and shoot him some bucks to help him take her out.

Maybe you live in a rational world and like having rational people represent the citizenry of America. Maybe you expect it, well to be blunt, the Republicans have a strong propensity for running...loons. The lakes of Minnesota have strange echoing calls floating across them, loons. That's where they belong, not Congress.

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