Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A New Pal For 'Chuck for..." And Flintlocks For You

Jerry Huddleston and I are are fairly new friends. He is one of those remarkable creatures, a reasonable Republican. No, I mean that seriously (ok kidding him a little) and as a compliment You have to understand that my lefty Democratic enthusiams mean trying to convert anyone willing to stand still long enough to hear it. I doubt that I've turned Jerry into a Democrat, but he and I listened to each other and found a lot of common ground.

I'm displaying on this page some of that common ground, firearms, and in this case they happen to be outside my shooting interests and well outside my budget.
Jerry is retired and living right here in Baker City, well he's retired in the sense of formal go to work for somebody, he's working for himself building these beautiful flintlocks as gun maker and engraver. I don't care if guns scare you spitless, if you cannot appreciate the stunning workmanship and artistry I'm showing you, you are dead from the neck up and whatever taste you have is in your mouth.

I'm not about to set values on his pieces, if you think you can afford such a thing and can wait up to a year for it I suggest you contact him.

I'm glad I got the opportunity to get acquainted with Jerry, he is a smart guy, he pays attention to the world around him, and he thinks about it - and agrees to disagree when that's how it is. He also is a craftsman and an artist, two things I really respect as ways to spend time.

***Click on the pictures to enlarge***


Keeneye said...

Be careful. Those firearms are sexy enough to garner you a PG-13 rating...

He is truly an artist.

Chuck Butcher said...

The enhancing of form and function with art is rare in this world.

KISS said...

I've done a lot of finishing of wood including firearms and his work is gorgeous. I also put together some Black-Powder kits with decent success. I do not infer he uses kits..spare me. But the patience and skill is phenomenal as shown here.