Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baker City, Oregon Hosts Bill Clinton

At 12 noon Sunday, May 11 President Bill Clinton will be at the Baker County Courthouse to campaign for Sen. Clinton. As far as I know, this is the first President, ex- or otherwise to visit Baker City. Regardless of one's affection for Hillary or Bill, this is a big deal. Robt Kennedy visited right before he went to California the last time.

In my capacity as Vice-chair of Baker County Democratics, DPO, I will sit in the VIP section. I may have personal preferences in this campaign, but that is not what my presence is about. My DPO and BCD office is neutral in this campaign and I will be there as a representative of Democrats of Baker County and Oregon.

I have no idea how many Baker County residents this will reach. The Press was notified too late for the Friday paper, so the campaign will try to get to the radio. I have made the out-reach I am capable of through emails and this posting.


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Chuck Butcher said...

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Anonymous said...

I found it very interesting how many people showed up to see Bill Clinton today. I am proud to say that I supported his presidency and that many locals that are staunch republicans were there and listening to what he had to say. I am glad to see the OBAMA sign on main street too. Maybe people will open their eyes and ears to what is going on in the world today.

Anonymous said...
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