Wednesday, May 28, 2008

George II Holds Hands With These

folks and kisses them. The President of the United States of America calls these pigs our dear friends. Maybe he wishes to run the US their way:

Saudi Arabia frequently convicts persons for alleged insults to religion. Hadi al-Mutif, who belongs to the minority Isma’ili creed in Shia Islam, remains on death row for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad with two words in 1993; a court convicted teacher Muhammad al-Suhaimi in 2004 of insulting religion for his unorthodox views expressed in a classroom; teacher Muhammad al-Harbi was found guilty of blasphemy in 2005; and a different court charged Rabah al-Quwai’i with apostasy for internet writings in 2005.

The current nonsense about a god that can't seem to take care of himself?
On May 5, the prosecution service in Jeddah charged Ra’if Badawi with “setting up an electronic site that insults Islam,” and referred the case to court, asking for a five-year prison sentence and a 3 million riyal (US$800,000) fine.
And this one:
In a second case, the Mekka appeals court on May 1 upheld Sabri Bogday’s death sentence issued on March 31, 2008 for “cursing the name of God.” Bogday, a Turkish national who had worked in Jeddah for 11 years as a barber, allegedly insulted God during an argument with a Saudi client and an Egyptian neighbor. Bogday, who did not have a lawyer in court, denied cursing God, but the three judges of the lower court regarded the testimony by the Saudi and the Egyptian witnesses as sufficient proof that Bogday had committed the crime of apostasy, or defection from Islam.
Would it be piling on to mention 9 of 11 hijackers Sept 11 were Saudi?

Hey, I have an idea; let's elect John McCain and see where he kisses them...

By the way you savage pieces of camel dung, any god that supports that should be stuffed in pig intestines and left to draw flies... oooooohhhhh that wasn't nice. It certainly is reassuring that there are Muslims who abhore that kind of god and worship a different one - too bad about the name similarity. There are some Christians right here at home that could thake a lesson from this...


ThePoliticalCat said...

Not "nice," maybe, but pretty damned honest.

Chuck Butcher said...

Some things make me furious, here and abroad