Sunday, May 18, 2008

McCain's "Rebranded" GOP

The GOP unveiled its new slogan, "The Change You Deserve" and ran right straight into the drug company Wyeth's product Effexor which uses the same slogan. Effexor is an antidepressant and carries this warning:

Suicidality and Antidepressant Drugs

Antidepressants increased the risk compared to placebo of suicidal thinking and behavior (suicidality) in children, teens, and young adults. Depression and certain other psychiatric disorders are themselves associated with increases in the risk of suicide. Patients of all ages who are started on antidepressant therapy should be monitored appropriately and observed closely for clinical worsening, suicidality, or unusual changes in behavior.
Seems appropriate to me to monitor the GOP since I'm not sure I want anymore of what they seem to think I deserve. Let me see which pieces I'm sure I deserved:

Unending Middle Eastern War, war profiteering on massive scale, torture, detention without Habeas Corpus, blown away 4th Amendment, gas through the roof, economy through the floor, falling wages, brain dead women legislated in Congress, disaster non-response for poor people - particularly poor black people, lobbyist written laws and rules, politicization of the entire Executive Branch, massive disenfranchisement of legitimate voters, Congress filibustered to a standstill, socialization of all plutocratic losses, for profit government services - I'm running out of tolerance here, maybe I'd better stop before I need that drug.

But the GOP is already drawing together to pull this off under the McCain banner. That's the ticket, they'll get shed of the crap that is sinking the GOP by going McCain - you know, Mr Hundred Years War (he didn't say that? yes he did, we'll keep fighting until we're not dying and then stay, I'd expect 100yrs of dying under his management) who was against tax breaks for the rich before he was for them since they've worked so well. But really, here is the McCain change:

Two aides who lobbied for the Myanmar military junta or how about a finance co-chair like Tom Loeffler former GOP TX congressman who took millions from the Saudis and others with military contract business as a lobbyist still active and even paying Susan Nelson, an employee, while she was a McCain finance director? McCain energy advisor Eric Burgeson was just let go, it seems his relationships with lobbying and plutocrats finally managed to offend even McCain's grubby little mind - or more likely the potential media fallout offended. What you have to get is that even scratching the surface of McCainism reveals the plutocracy in action.

***Update*** apparently Loeffler has now gone bye-bye. What? Did McCain just figure out who these people are? How'd all these nasty lobbiest people sneak in there? Bad as rats, one little hole and the place is infested....Keeeeripes, people will buy how ethical McSame is now...

The picture gets worse as you see the Grover Norquists of tax no rich man fame and drown government agenda teaming up with Limbaugh to castigate McCain. Tancredo is furious about illegal immigration and McCain throwing up roadblocks. Where does this leave Sen McSame? He cannot afford to have the conservative wing going away in search of his mythical "Change" GOP. McCain's biggest problem is that the GOP has taught the George II 28%ers that all the stuff he's talking about is evil Democratic communistic garbage. When John McCain says, "global warming" their fingers go in their ears and their tongues come out and yet he turns around and tells a public that disapproves by 80% that tax breaks for the ultra-rich are a good idea - in the face of a record setting deficit and a tanking economy. The truly unfortunate aspect is the news media showing the plutocrats walking away from the credit meltdown with profit and glee as the government subsidizes their losses and leaves Joe Schmoe losing his house.

The GOP wants to re-brand itself, they actually expect to have some kind of results from a new slogan, as though getting what they wanted and running the show or stopping the show for seven years isn't some kind of evidence that what they do is massively stupid for most of America. A slogan undoes the work of seven years of Presidency and more as a Congressional majority? After all these years post-Hoover they finally got to put their junk into action again and now that it has worked out the way it has we're suppose to believe - what? That a 72 year old shot down fighter jock can wave a magic wand at their stuff and it will change into gold? It isn't that one or two pieces of their ideology (cough) failed, the whole concept is bankrupt. It isn't even a coherent body of thought beyond the idea that the rich and the connected deserve all the pie, it is a hodgepodge of junk that serves the interests of almost no one and the results show that. Other than rich is goodness there is no consistent informing thought, personal responsibility my butt, only if you're poor. Individual freedom from government interference, only if you don't count the legal system. Nothing is there. They cherry pick the Bill of Rights much worse than the Democrats have ever thought of, they even go into the body of the Constitution and strip out Habeas Corpus - only respected since 1215AD. They junk every good idea the Clinton administration had and ran with all the bad ones and then blame Clinton. A Party of Values? There is not a single American value beyond greed that these people have not offended. Morality? Where and when? They threw the idea of ethics off a cliff and waved a Bible in your face as they violated every tenet ever espoused by Jesus Christ - every one. Read his direct quotes and show me where they've followed one, just one. There is no Republican ideology beyond the words, "greed and fear," and I defy the most informed Republican to show me where there has been consistency beyond those words. I have friends I think the world of with (R) after their name and what they believe and what the Republican Party is could not be more different or I would loath them rather than be their friend. That Party needs to be broken on the wheel of the public good and gutted out so that something at least half way responsible can take its place. I'm an advocate of opposition parties, they are necessary, but they also have to stand for something.

I understand that here at "Chuck for" I'm preaching to the choir, if the right wing noise machine's adherents were coming around here the "Comments" section would be filled with rude screeds involving words like socialist, communist, and various profane references. Some of you profess to be "Independents" and that's how that is, though what you come down with is absolute disgust with BushCo and anger that the Democrats do too little. Well then, here is your chance, 2008, get behind the person most likely to do something, as President, Senator, Congressman, hell - City Councilman. This is what Primaries are for and it's winding down fast - now. If you're too late, since there are only a couple states left, there is an election again in 2 years, that's exactly right, Senate and House seats will be up again in 2 years. No, you won't have the drama of Clinton, Obama, & McCain to drive your interest, but you cannot drive change unless you start pushing where it begins - having a candidate and then having a nominee. If you don't like the same old politics; run, recruit somebody, work for them, canvass, register voters, re-register voters, write, speak out, DO NOT GIVE UP - NOT EVER!

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