Sunday, May 11, 2008


Baker County Democrats, Democratic Party of Oregon, and DNC all take a position of neutrality in a contested Democratic Primary race. I am a Precinct Committee Person and Vice-chair of BCD and I am a State Central Committee Delegate to DPO; in those functions I am neutral. The Clinton campaign asked for the BCD Executive Board to appear on stage with the ex-President. I will (Clinton campaign support call just interupted - I hope we can...) be on that stage in that function.

This is not a case of my Party right or wrong. Bill Clinton was the standard bearer for this Party. His wife is an important Democrat. Whatever political disagreements exist in this Party, we are still head and shoulders above the other one and I will be there to demonstrate that fact, regardless of anything else.

I need to get out of here to be there now.


Michelle Obama exposed said...
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Chuck Butcher said...

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You've got something to say, say it and link to your junk or you go away. I don't care if you're Obama or Hillary supporter - Hillary in this case - you don't get to bomb me with 4 of the same cut and pastes of somebody else's opinion. I'm not their publisher.