Saturday, May 03, 2008

Clinton and Just Deserts

I guess the time has come for me to endorse Hillary Clinton, and no, not for dogcatcher. She should run against John McCain, hard to tell, she might win. That would be a huge plus, there would be an informational gain in this nation comparable only to George II. You see, it was important for him to be President. It was important for the Republicans to have a chance to run rampant and let the nation see what kind of mess they could actually make. You could have an AWOL lying pandering supposedly exdrunk guy you'd like to have a beer with in charge of the largest military in the world and the largest economy in the world. And then, you could find out how he plays with his toys. Twice

The media and people of this country deserve to have Hillary as President, women particularly do. This is the time to get past the misogyny of the past. The glass ceiling must be smashed, or in her words, obliterated. I like obliterated, it has such a ring to it, countries should embrace the concept, especially as foreign policy applied to them. Oh, back to the topic. Women must be encouraged to follow the lead of this strong woman, particularly when it involves a sedate stroll down a tarmac under heavy sniper fire - she was being ever so modest and considerate of us to pretend she had to bolt, saving our feelings of inadequacy in the face of such...manliness.

Today Carl Bernstein did us the favor of pointing out Hillary's leftist connections in her youth and continuing up into the Presidency of Billary. He finds it unfair of the media to leave her out of the left validation available for defending Black Panthers from government manipulation at trial and her extended friendship with ex-Commies like her employer Truhaft and his wife Mitford and let Obama have all the credit for serving on a board with a Weatherman. To Hillary's credit she has unselfishly made no mention of working for and having an extended friendship with Communists of the ex sort and seen to it that Barack can have the credit. Carl graciously sees to it that she can have the credit she so modestly evades.

In the face of economists, environmentalists, and even politicians other than McCain and GeorgeII she has had strength of character to stand up for her gas tax holiday. She has even shown the ability to cross the aisle in tactics borrowing BushCo's famous "are you with us or against us" challenge to the small minded who objected to another fiasco, er, policy item. It should be evident that her ability to reach women on the basis of common genitalia and rube voters on the basis of pandering, I mean drinking habits, and the ability to find a trigger on a shotgun as a child that she is a credible candidate to beat the Republicans at their own game. She has been vetted, why everybody knows that the Republicans made up some words like Whitewater and Travel Office and said mean things years ago. She has made it clear that you can dump pastors for saying impolitic things, you have to keep husbands, regardless of... (as a side note, I'm a lefty Dem who owns heavy caliber firearms with a wife who is quite competent with them - I'd have to hope she'd dump me rather than drop me...) She never mentions the wingnuttery pastorage of certain DC Prayer Parties she attends, that's personal stuff, too elevating for political usage. Hillary stays above the common fray, since her opponent is too elitely effete to use such on her.

It is quite evident that it is now the time for women to prove they can be as determinedly egregious human beings as males in pursuit of ambition and power. It is the time to show the world that Democrats can be just exactly the same kind of assholes Republicans have demonstrated ability for and to save the GOP from the melt-down they have courted. It would be a disaster to show the country something different in the line of politics and banish Republicans to the wilderness of political defeat the Democrats occupied. Two elections of GeorgeII show that this nation needs further lessons in current political practices and Hillary is just the candidate to do it. How better to do it than mimic the Gore/Bush Florida political appointment as a start off to the Presidential campaign. They've been trying to tell you for the past two months that there must be a way to count the chads for them to get there.

Quite honestly this country deserves Hillary, just deserts for us and the media. There is just that little matter of those others, those Obama people, that puts a kink in the works. There seems to be some popular resistance to politics as usual, if this can't be snuffed out it begins to be a bit more difficult to see this place quite so hopeless as to really deserve her. People really shouldn't have to learn to change, it's...Democratic and that's just plain icky. If I can't be lied to and pandered to and have a testosteronific foreign policy what will I write about? Oh, the things I'm for? You know, "Chuck for..."


Zak J. said...

That is a damn fine funny piece there, Chuck. I don't agree with Obama on some things, and even strongly disagree with him on others. But I trust him. Not so with the other, but it will be amusing to see what crap she spreads over the air waves of our fair state as the primary draws closer.

But she's done, been done for a while even if she can't do the math to figure it out. Superdelegate support of her at this point would destroy the Democratic party, rend it to its core really; the party people know this and I'd be shocked, truly shocked if she picks up even a single more superdelegate from our delegation. Ain't happening.

And when it comes to Oregon's primary, my guess is a 60/40 split for Barack Obama, next president of the United States.

KISS said...

"but I trust him" Sorry Zak I trust none of them. As pointedly as Chuck is on Hillary, of which I agree, Obama is really no better. Although I will vote for him I hold no delusions of him being a great president...much on the order of Bubba, I suspect. This link gives an insight to who benefits from his victory.
Gender and race does not equate to a decent honest president caring about the national good.
Our two party system sucks and I hope I live to see the day when it implodes and we get into Non-Politburo politics.

Chuck Butcher said...

I make no pretence that Obama is not a politician. He may be a somewhat different sort or one, Hillary demonstrated long ago what she is. It is matter of taking a chance, and seeing if bringing in new voters has an effect.

It could be exactly the same old thing with a switch on the pandering and that would be bad. So, you've got for sure and maybe.