Tuesday, May 06, 2008

McCain's Ayers Guilt By Association

Somebody at HuffPo decided that since John McSame wants to play guilt by association with Barack Obama over Bill Ayers' Weatherman past that G Gordon Liddy would be someone Johnny might want to disassociate from. Considering a felony criminal act to subvert the democratic process might be considered terrorism it seems an idea. A really lightweight idea is what it seems to me. Maybe the cumulative damage from Liddy and Haggee and some other real sweethearts - GeorgeII and his ilk - there might be something, like water dripping on a stone. How about we get down to real close associations, like criminal associations, like...

Chuck Keating?

Anybody remember that blast from the past? This ain't a preacher man, this ain't a criminal radio goof, this is Republicanism at its finest, a true Bushco level crapfest. Chuck Keating - The Keating Five? Raped savings and loans. The Enron of its day. McCain up to his POW butt in it. MR STRAIGHT TALK EXPRESS doing favor after favor, including interfering in a Congressional investigation of his dear pal, criminal pal, rip off pal. You really can keep his radio loon and TV preacher loon, I like Chuck Keating. I like him a lot. I like him on TV lots, him and John smooching, Congress blowing a gasket, I like it.

What, this is taking the glove off, it's old dead news? No it is not, it is not dead, it is not old, not in context of John's maneuvers for his latest pals and BushCo. It is part and parcel of Republicanism, their crimes don't count 'cause they're white collar and 'cause only little guys got screwed - screwed to the wall.

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