Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Roof, Roof," Said The Dog

Maybe Mitten's ability to translate doggisms to patricianisms made for a misunderstanding of "Woof" and resulted in Seamus the Irish Setter diarrhea-ing all over the roof of the Romney family station wagon during a 12 hour drive. If you're a bit worried about your economic status the idea of handing it over to someone who'd hose off the dog and car and continue on his way in the face of the dog's obvious distress may cause pause. If you throw that on the balance with Bain or some of Mitten's prescriptions for the nation, you could get to feeling like a distressed and dismissed dog.

If you'd do that to a dog...

I'd bet clever commenters could come up with "dog themes"

"Morning In America" to be followed by "Dog Day Afternoon" or something really a lot more clever?


SEB said...

Love the commentary! I know this happened along time ago but it sure says something about the Man!

Chuck Butcher said...

Quite the guy, ain't he?