Saturday, January 07, 2012

LIve Blog The GOPers - Masochism?

Romney, Obama has made the recession worse and longer. Obama as rooster taking credit for sun rising. Heh.

Santorum on not needing a manager - huh? OH, CEO isn't what a President is. True.

Romney wants us to connect him with entrepenures building businesses from the ground up - huh?

Newt - Romney taking apart companies.

Romney - surprised to see people on his stage taking on FREE ENTERPRISE

Huntsman - records count. My record v the rest of you.

Romney - Private sector counts - I'm the private sector.

Paul - Santorum is a big govt person, oops - lobbiests.

Santorum - CREW called me corrupt - ah Geo Soros - same stuff about PA getting its fair share back. I'm a CAUSE GUY. I'm a lobbiest - for all the right guys.

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