Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Newt - Mitt Is A Liar

So Newt shocks an interviewer by saying that MultipleMitt is a liar. That is a shock? It sure is shocking that the word actually got used, but in relation to Mittens it had to be coming but when lobbed by Newt it does seem a bit odd. Actually, I'm pretty sure damn near every GOPer should avoid the word like a plague if they don't want it freely applied to themselves.

I pretty much forgive exaggeration, a candidate for freshmean House seat sure isn't going to get far by being realistic about the impact of freshman Reps. There are some things like the Mittens ad using Obama quoting the McCain campaign as Obama's own words that isn't exaggeration but an out and out lie. If you're a Democrat looking at the GOP and expect anything different, you're ... being silly. If there is a question about the regard such things are held in, it applies to the un-affiliated. Don't hold your breath.

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