Friday, January 13, 2012

The Mitt Juggernaut

To listen to the media of late, you'd have to be really impressed by Mitt's strangle-hold on the GOP Primary. He's racking up the victories and that's really something. So, how's this impressive machine functioning today?

Mitt Romney got about three quarters of Iowan primary caucusers to vote for somebody else. That's right, he tied or lost or something real close with Rick Santorum. He got to New Hampshire and managed to get three fifths of their electorate to support someone else. Looking at the polling in South Carolina he's got over two thirds of that electorate looking elsewhere. Yep, and Newt is moving up.

This is the GOP version of the annointed, presumptive nominee. Wow, that's one hell of a machine.


Hallie said...

Hi Chuck. I came across your blog via t.a.'s site.

I sure agree with your assessment of the state of the GOP right now. So many loony tunes entered initially, I think it will take until the convention to work it out. And with Paul making noise about running as a 3rd party candidate, it could throw the whole election into the air.

The 2008 (D) primary was much worse than this in my opinion. With Obama and Clinton going at one another constantly, they were both bloodied all the time. At least this way, the blood isn't so clearly evident, LOL.

I supported Clinton through the primaries, going to Denver as a delegate. This time around, I am supporting Jon Huntsman. I know he has a rat's chance in hell for being elected, but he has honor, and I appreciate that in a politician.

I'm not a blue dog Democrat, though locally, you'd be hard pressed to find me voting (R). Nationally though, at the presidential level, I cannot support Obama in 2012, at least not yet. Put Mitt up there and it'll be another "holding my nose" and probably circling in Obama/Biden.

I like Obama, the man. He seems genuinely nice. He appears to be a good father, a rarity these days. But surely, even his supporters should give pause when a sitting president announces to his supporters he will need 1 BILLION dollars to be re-elected. That is absurd. Why can't he lead on this one and stop the insanity around campaign finance? He's going to be re-elected. If the crazies at GOP-central turn their back on the only qualified candidate, Jon Huntsman, in favor of people like Perry, Bachmann, Paul, etc., they deserve to lose again. It's like a roller coaster to keep up with their front runner.

Now, about guns. What do you have? I'm a sports shooter and recreational hunter of pheasants and quail, but only around Thanksgiving. I use my grandfathers Winchester .22 rifle for hunting those. I have gone elk hunting a few times, living up here on the North Coast with all these Roosevelt Elk herds wondering around, I couldn't help myself. For those trips, I use my grandfather's Model 70 Winchester 30.06 with a scope (of course). I know it's a bit underpowered for such a beast as a Roosevelt, but I was a sharp shooter in the USAF and am a confident shooter. I don't like to blow an animal's body apart. I did land a 8 point bull on my 3rd trip out with 2 shots, both in the head. I took the majority of it to the food bank. I also have several handguns for sports shooting and my Mom's pearl handled Colt .38 revolver is in the nightstand, locked and loaded, lol. My grandparents raised me, which is why I have so many of my grandfather's rifles. He started lugging me on hunting trips at 7 or 8. It was great fun.

To summarize: the best thing that could happen for the (D)'s is Mitt winning the nomination, but to win because the majority of your competitors are splitting the vote is shameful, were I in his shoes. Thankfully for Obama, he probably won't have to face Huntsman. I believe he'd have a real race on his hands if he did. A true moderate politicians with foreign policy experience? I have no doubt he'd beat Obama. The problem is: he's in the wrong party, ha, ha.

It's a pleasure to e-meet you. I hope I haven't broken any rules or riled you up.

Chuck Butcher said...

As far as guns, see the Guns label for some of them.

The reality of Huntsman is that he's quite a bit right of Mitten's promoted stances, even going so far as to boost the Ryan plan. Of the bunch he may be the most honorable, but that's damning with faint praise.

Only rules are stated up top, make an ass of yourself and expect a butt kicking, that and give yourself a handle/name so people don't have to do Anonymous 3:14 or something. I don't expect agreement but I do prefer people to not get into personal attacks. I once deleted a Stormfront comment because ... well because.

I don't think I'm real special, I like to get things off my chest and have a bit of fun, hopefully for me and the reader or two.


Carl Fisher said...

I think Bill Moyers expressed my concerns best recently.

"There's someone we both know said to me just this morning, the Republicans work for Wall Street and the Democrats are afraid to work against them."

This is not to say all Democrats, but the Democrats that run our party in Congress and White House. Us out here in Oregon can only do so much, we can only send so many Peter DeFazio's and Jeff Merkley's to DC in hopes of standing up for everyday Americans.

I know the difference between Goldman Sachs and my local credit union. I know the difference between big banks that get big bail outs and my local credit union that loans money so working people can get cars, homes, and an education.

It would be interesting to see a graph with how many wall streeters are working in the administration vs people who come from small local banks.

Karl said...

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