Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Bane of Bain or Mitt's Ba(i)ne?

I'm sorry to take such delight in the (mis)fortune of others. It's true I've poked away at poor mis-used Mitt over his unemployment difficulties and even his pink slip worries. I've had mean things to say about corporate raiders and maybe even meaner things to say about some lying wealthy SOBs.

All that just doesn't begin to cover my delight in watching Mitt get attacked from his right on the left. Uh, yes I did say his Right. I'll bet you thought (I did) he'd get creamed for being a "secret" liberal. I'll be go to hell, he's getting it in the neck for being a plutocrat from GOPers.

Don't worry too much, they aren't going all socialist on us, no fears they'll out left President Obama. This will all sort itself out before the General Election and all plutocrat all the time will be back into GOP songs.

I do get great joy out of almost 2/3 of GOPers being ABMs. You can pretty much figure there are going to be hard feelings.


SEB said...

I really get a kick out of all the ammunition they are giving the Dems. Now if Obama can stay tough we might have a chance. Michigan is hopeless at least N. of the big cities! Out Rep wants general Right to Work all over Mi. and all gov. regulations lifted. No matter that we just got blasted by poisonous Hydrogen Sulfide from a failed disposal well for Fracking. "Cutting off unemployment insurance will make these lazy ner do wells"feerana get out and find a job. Cripes I have about 3 friends I can talk to.

SEB said...

Whoops, I typed in the ID thing while still on comment. Go figure, I am old!!!

Chuck Butcher said...

When you look at states like MI you just have to shake your head.