Saturday, January 07, 2012

GOPers Cont...

Paul v spending, Santorum a big spender. Santorum - uhuh?
Perry - I'm the outsider. Get Teabaggers behind nominee. Nobody seems to be buying it. In TX we call Paul's earmarking voting against it hypocrisy - uh, yup.
Santorum - I tried to do something, did something.
uh oh, CIC
Huntsman - vision, leadership - I've got it, leadership that can be trusted. I heard that as a hit against Romney. Term limits.
Romney - Huntsman can do a lot better than Obama - one error after another. Failed Presidency. Integrity? From multiplemitt? Obama shrunk the military?
Perry - CIC in TX? WTF? Ah, money from the military to spend somewhere else.
Newt - child of vet. hmmm.
Paul - deferrments. I went. Vets messed up from undeclared war. Chickenhawk accusation.
Newt is pretty unhappy.
Uhoh - newsletters
Twenty years ago, didn't write. MLK a personal hero - pacifistic libertarianism - er, MLK Day?
first round - thank god

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