Saturday, January 07, 2012

GOPer Second Round. Can I Take Much More?

To recap, Mitt doesn't have a lot of blood in the water, but there is some pink tint. It is funny to watch Paul and Santorum joust. I hate to use the word reasonable and a GOPer in the same sentence much less next to each other, but Huntsman.

State's right to ban contraception - Mitt? No answer. Seems to ignore MS.
I can't take much more of this stuff,
if you've been amused, I'm sorry. My brain is melting away cells it can't afford to lose. I'm done.

The Sacrement of Marriage makes me want to puke. Which one of these folks got their Marriage License from a church? It is a goddam civil contract.

Screw this shit.

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SEB said...

I get part of your comments but all the abbreviations leave me confused!