Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weigel, WaPo, And General Stupidity

Just to be up front about my sentiments regular readers will know that I've long ceased to link the WaPo for anything other than mockery. My anger with that publication goes back quite a ways, Judith Miller damn near tearing it but I kept hoping - and being disappointed until last year I just gave the hell up and I don't even remember the straw that broke the back.

Dave Weigel gave some interesting reporting in the WaPo on "The Right" and I had occasion to read him from time to time thanks to other links (I'd quit on the WaPo before he was hired). I was actually impressed and evidently so was the Right - emails from "journolist" were published and they weren't flattering of some. His private opinions weren't acceptable so he resigned (take "resigned" as you will). The WaPo's ombudsman was concerned about the appearance of lack of objectivity regarding who was being covered (as if that's been a concern where the "left" is concerned, much less factuality).

Now I don't have a clue what Weigel thought he could do within the confines of "journolist", maybe he actually thought private meant private in that collection of people. Personalities being what they are, you'd think he'd have known better. Founder Ezra Klein has now junked it as a result of this crap. I'm not privy to the membership of the list, but I have noticed that cretinism isn't missing in that profession. Noting the cretinism of some on the Right is always a fairly dangerous practice since they hit back just as hard (and dishonestly or disreputably) as they can. Weigel had been covering that mess for awhile and it seems he ought to have been aware of that propensity - especially since what he got into trouble for was pointing at it.

I give a damn about making enemies in that camp, there isn't a thing they can do to me, but both the WaPo and Weigel engaged in stupidity of the really general sort. Weigel for trusting a listserve and the WaPo for not being aware that anybody covering the Right from something other than a cretin point of view was going to note cretinism on the Right. Apparently to the WaPo all view points are equal...

"All The President's Men" my ass.

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Suzan said...

I'm with you, buddy, on every word.

You said it. Too bad not that many have.

I wrote a letter to the managing editor of the WaPo back in the 90's (he retired only a year or so ago) as I perceived the turn to the neoCon (and conning) Right saying that I was surprised to learn that they were ready to abandon all their progressive and fair-minded readers.

Never got an answer.

Not that I really expected one, I guess, as who would when they were so easily seen through?

Thanks for this!


"All The President's Men" my ass.