Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hating On Arizona's Immigration Law

The failure of Arizona's law isn't that it is some expansion of police powers, its failure is that it focuses down onto the backs of the least rather than up at those with the most. Where it succeeds is in promoting heated debate about the issue. The bad aspects of the law are pretty clear - racial profiling and de facto "papers please" for a class of citizens or legally present people.

Lost in the uproar about the bad effects is the ongoing flood of illegal immigrants and what it is doing to our nation economically and socially to have an illegal serf class. I don't care squat about May 5th nor do I give a damn about accents, I do care that this drives racism under cover of a real issue. I do care that the plutocrats skate free while the poor are targeted and it becomes a national theme to do it.

Those here illegally are going to have to either be folded into our legal system or removed and the flow stopped. St Ronnie did the first and in the process encouraged the second. The debate today has not spit to do with stopping the flow, anyone determined will get past whatever "border defense" system the right can think of. It is the determination that must be addressed and seriously addressed. The very fact that something as vital as the Social Security system cannot detect and flag fraudulent usage is inexcusable.

The fact that around 60% of those polled support such a law should be a huge warning flag to the ... (impolite words unwritten) ... Congress that it is well past time. Go ahead and hold your breath over this political football.

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