Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Bad Call

The only baseball team I root for is the Detroit Tigers, and that's not saying alot since I almost never watch a ball game and seldom check the standings. Armando Gallaraga retired all 27 batters, well did except Umpire Jim Joyce called the runner safe - quite erroneously - at first where Armando was covering for the first baseman. He would be - hell is - the 21st to accomplish this and the first Tiger ever.

Commissioner Bud Selig refused to intervene though the runner and the umpire both agree that he was out from the video. Baseball is a game of statistics, overturning this one has meaning to other games and players and that counts in a lot ways that don't come off as fair. But dammit, it was a perfect game. Ah well - we'll see.

***After Thought***
Kudos to the players and umps for their behavior - at the time and later, really big ones. See the tape of Gallaraga at the call - yes, really.

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