Friday, June 04, 2010

Threat From The Right?

June 16th at 7PM ET Chris Matthews will host "Rise Of The New Right." You get to hear a lot these days about "the new right" and how it is flexing its muscles. Oh noes...

Let's just back this runaway train up a bit. The Teabaggers seem to be polling at around 22-27% of the electorate. Does that number sound a bit familiar? It ought to, go back to the nadir of BushCo polling and you'll find that 22% number for their support. If you consider that somewhere around that percentage wanted a bunch of BushCo leaving town in orange jumpsuits and chains ... well hell.

The more pictures and film and ink spilled on the Teabaggers the noisier they got and the higher their profile. It was a given that the Rush and Beck fans would take this crap seriously but it became a theme for MSM and it is ludicrous. More people demonstrated against the Iraq War and ... well it certainly didn't get a year and some's daily coverage. Be under no illusion, had media ignored the 'baggers there'd have been hell to pay with screams about the liberal media bias. OK. It just seems as though some kind of sense of proportion ought to be present.

Go ahead and tell these "journalists" they're just aping Glenn Beck and listen to their denials ... then laugh your ass off.

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