Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Mr President & Assorted Democrats - They Lie

I'm not sure how to break this to you: the Right lies. Yes, Rupert Murdoch's crap-tastic propaganda Faux News network lies, repeats the lies, and then blames you if you fall for it. They start with the assumption that Liberalism is guilty of some crime against America and uncritically repeat any such accusation. The Right view themselves as at war with a somehow evil foe and any means is justified.

It would seem that that the lies propagated about Van Jones, burying his actual problem, would have given you a clue. No, a perfectly useful organizantion like Acorn gets destroyed because you fall for concept that accusation is fact - you do understand that video can be used to lie? Then comes Shirley Sherrod making a speach before a reputable organization like NAACP and you assume racism because a Right-wing blogger with zero goddam credibility feeds his shit to Fox. In the face of the reputations of the conflicting organizations you buy into the demonstrably crappy ones?

This isn't an example of an exercise where compromise will serve the interests of the nation - they are at war with you and your destruction is the aim. There isn't a middle ground in that, their lies won't cease because you're partially wrecked. Surely some of you watched the health care "debate" and their actions. You know what was proposed or in the Bill and you know what they had to say about it. And you keep letting them set the dialogue?

I know you expect Democrats to get out and work for you in the upcoming elections and you'd like to be touted and defended. What exactly are we to say? Do you expect us to point out the lies that you fall for and thus justify and encourage? You may not want to be at war with your fellow citizens, but they do want to and you'd best get used to the idea. You are allowed to call people who lie, liars.

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